About Us

We are a Saudi Arabian based Entrepreneurship, sole proprietor of “Jowaher Network (http://www.jowaher.com)”. Our Entrepreneurship came into existence with a novel idea that mainly based upon Arabic culture and lifestyle where Jewelry & Ornaments have extra ordinary importance. The idea was to establish an Online Jewelry Marketplace, open for everyone offering equal opportunities to visitors to choose their Dream Jewelry, and, to sellers to get the right price for their creative products.

Our marketplace provides the best and easiest way of interaction to both of visitors and sellers where visitors and seller may have direct interaction and may sell/purchase directly without involvement of “Jowaher Net”. To provide the maximum extent of ease, our marketplace does not bother our valuable visitors with unwanted and unnecessary registrations or subscriptions, on the other hand, sellers need to go through only 2-step registration process just to advertise and manage their products.

Now and in future, we’ll keep working to improve Extent of Ease, Features and Services offered at our workplace. In this regard, we seek valuable feedback from our valuable visitors and sellers. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please write to us: jowaher@jowaher.com


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Managing Director
Jowaher Net